Tips On How to Become A Professional Web designer/builder

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great. Today, I am going to share with you on how to build a website and how to start a consulting business. A friend of mine I met nine years ago at Ajah Lagos Nigeria, just called me up yesterday and asked me to share you guys how to start it business. He met me, my uncle, aunties, my first son, my mummy so many members of my awesome family members in Lagos Nigeria over nine years ago. We work with oil firms in Nigeria and in The Netherlands.   He encouraged me to offer my it specialities with my fans, customers and followers.

In September 2017, I lodged at Best Western hotel Asaba for more than one week, during my stay at the hotel in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria, I met more than fifty members of my families and friends, I coached the majority of them on how to build a website, social media presence, business and it consultancy.  Anytime I went to Nigeria, most people asked me to coach them on how to build a website, blog and more hence I am a professional website builder. I truly enjoy offering digital marketing coaching all my friends, fans, customers.

I have built dozens of websites and blogs. In The Netherlands, the lowest cost of building a website is four hundred euros. Building a great website is very important. In order to start building a website for a client, you need to seek permission from the business owner/customer before building their website. Do not commence with building a website for a company without their permission.

There are few steps to adhere in order to build a  great website;

  1. create a professional/ personal email address.
  2. Buy a domain name from WordPress, Wix or other sites that suits you and that is easier for you to work with
  3. Make sure all the pictures, videos, and other items you require for publishing on your website.
  4. Do not plagiarise when building a website or blog.
  5. Make sure your website has SEO and sea (search engine optimisation and search engine advertising)
  6. Provide great value, accessible website, easy to navigate and make sure the customer’s journey on your website is enjoyable
  7. Have a social media presence. Create Facebook, Twitter, the Instagram account to promote your goods and services and provide solutions and customer care via social media.
  8. Advertise often online to create awareness!
  9. Have fun marketing and selling!

I hope these tips inspired you. Thank you so much for reading my blog! If you need it, business, fashion, beauty consultant, please contact me! I am a freelancer for Cavazinni recruitment agency in Nigeria. Please contact Cavazanni for cv updates, recruitments, training and more!

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