April Favourites!

Hello my beautiful friends! How is your 2018 going so far? I feel like for me it’s going to be a year full of big blessings and greatness. How do I know that?  Well, simple because I choose to envision it and believe it. Always think positive and be optimistic because everything that happens to you both good and bad does happen for a reason.

Happy kings day my lovely Dutch family!!! Life is full of ups and down, it our ability to stay strong  and hold on tight  that really what  matter. Below are some of my recent pictures with some of my favorite items for the month 2018. I love the fact that my birthday was in April, and that of my son and some of my friends. I also love my Gucci Flora perfume, My new dress from Quiz, my cute manicure I  made in Edinburgh airport, my pretty hair, I also have been listening to Adele a lot, she is a fantastic musician. Aside from Adele, I love listening to Davido, The weekend and Rihanna. I am so thankful for my Tesco gift card, its been awesome shopping with Tesco in Scotland. My favorite drink has been earl grey thee, juice and mint thee. I also love drinking the healthy smoothies.

I enjoy travelling a lot, I usually patronize Easy jet when travelling, EasyJet has very affordable tickets to united kingdom.

What are your April favorites my friends? I do love to learn from you.


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