How To Achieve A Healthy Youthful Skin!

Hey,  lovelies! I hope you all are doing well. Today  blog post to inspire you on how you can  achieve a younger youthful  fabulous  skin and some health care tips. I used to work at De tuinen , mooi parfumerie, parfumstar and Kruidvat as a beauty consultant and  assistent drogist in The Netherlands. During my working experience with these prestigious companies , I  learnt a lot about how to give  customers advice related to oral hygiene, hair care and skin care. I love  applying cosmetics on my skin.


I do enjoy using skin care product from Dove, Palm olive, Nivea, Givenchy , Vaseline , loreal, Garnier , the body shop  and some high end product from Hugo boss, Givenchy and more. You may want to use special facial  wash for your face. Brands from Garnier,  alumine y Peter Lamas are great for skin care. I enjoy applying Vaseline on my skin. More amazing skin care tip is , You may use egg ( raw) egg as a masker, leave it on your face for 1 hour and rinse.. You may also create your face steam by your zelf. By using boiled hot water , pour it in  a bowl, squeeze some Lemon in it , put a towel over your head and steam your face  for 10 minutes.


Healthy food play a very important Role for your skin. If You do eat McDonald as breakfast, lunch and dinner, You Will not be as healthy as someone that eats salad every day.  Please do not get me wrong here, McDonald is absolutely great if You do Combine some salad  and other healthy elements to it. What is your current skin care regimen?  I do love love to learn from You. Please do share. Thank you so much for reading. P.s. i was advised today by one of my amazing blog reader to also write a summary of my content in Dutch. Then I  thought to myself  Why not?


Hoi iedereen. Hoe is het met jullie, vandaag ga ik delen met jullie mijn favoriete huid verzorgen regiment. Ik hou van cosmetica. Mijn favoriete zijn van Nivea, Dove, vaseline. U kunt deze spullen bij Kruidvat, de tuinen,  Douglas kopen. Ik hoop dat jullie zijn geïnspireerd. Graag laat mij weten wat u favourites huid verzorgen spullen zijn. Ik hoor het graag.  Ik hou van jullie Groetjes en kusje bvb Ekene


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