How To Achieve Clearer and Even Skintone 2020!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. I have been a photo model for over sixteen years now. In order to be a photo model, one of the criteria is to have a nice body shape, even skin, and skills for posing. I have shot with so many photographers.

I wish to use this opportunity to advise models, mothers struggling with stretch marks, uneven skin tone after delivery, weight loss, persons suffering from acne, eczema, caesarean section scars and more, tips on how to achieve even, clearer, even, and glowing skin.

I feel so happy, blessed and happy to be a mother. Every parent loves, cherish and adores their kids. Aside from showering all the love, care and tenderness to our kids, we need to shower love, care and tenderness to ourselves as well.

  1. Use bio-oil on your skin. I gave birth to my first child over a decade ago, bio-oil has been a lifesaver. I massage bio oil on my stomach area, scar area, uneven skin tone area in order to achieve a beautiful, glowing skin every day in order to achieve a lovely, beautiful scar-free skin so that I may be able to work as a photo model.
  2. Drink lots of warm water.
  3. Have you just given birth with caesarean section or natural delivery, please do soak yourselves in the bath every day or jacuzzi if you are very buoyant with warm water,  Dettol to the water? Taking a warm bath every day will speed up the healing process of your scars. As soon as your scar is healed, you would be able to get back on your feet to indulge in sporting activities in order to shed the fat on the body accumulated as a result of pregnancy. This tip is meant for all mothers worldwide!
  4. Please use body scrub from Rituals, Dr Kneip every day to scrub your body!
  5. Eat great food. Avoid consuming excess carbohydrate, rather, eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  6. Excercise often, jogging, cycling, situps can help you lose weight and achieve glowing skin
  7. Have fun!

For many years, I have worked with men and women. My findings are, women that did not massage oil on their stomach every day during pregnancy and after pregnancy suffered severing scaring, Tommy sagging, excess stretchmarks.  Women that did take good care of their body by applying bio-oil or any other kind of oil on their skin had less or no stretch marks on their Tommy or underneath their breast areas. A lot of women also experienced sagginess on their breast as a result of breastfeeding.  in order to avoid breast sagginess and excess stretch mark on your breast area as a result of enlargement of the breast during breastfeeding,  a firm bra from hunke Moller is advised, daily administering of bio-oil is also recommended.

I hope this tip above is useful for all the ladies and gentlemen reading my blog! Thank you so much for reading my blog and remain blessed! I am a certified beauty, health and business consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to work with me.


Ekene Patience








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