7 Reasons Why I Like Wearing Nice Dresses!

Hello, my beautiful and elegant friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! I am so happy to share with you cool reasons I love wearing dresses. Dresses make me feel like a lady. A woman needs to have a couple of dresses in her wardrobe. The more we women grow older,  our dresses style, color, texture needs to change too. A lady needs to wear dresses that accentuate her curves, not too much, not over the board, but really nice and mature. The reasons I like to wear dresses are;

  1. Dresses make me feel comfortable.
  2. Dresses make me feel more feminine.
  3. Dresses are easy to maintain.
  4. Dresses improve my confidence level.
  5. Dresses make me feel younger.
  6. Dresses make me feel happier
  7. It’s so much fun to dress up and look cute!

Brands such as Femme Luxe, Shein, Nelly, Fashionova, We Fashion, H&M, MET, Ted Baker has really made really nice clothing. My loving ladies out there, when you have to wear a dress, wear minimal makeup, have the right accessories, think about the occasion you are about to attend before dressing up. Wear dresses when you are at home, going for a dinner date, a wedding or after the wedding party. Wear nice jeans instead when going to the supermarket or a long decent dress.  My mummy advised me to start selling my dresses so I decided to build my very own webshop where I sell my dresses called

A few weeks ago, I went to Breda to buy some cool jeans from the brand Tommy Hilfiger. I wish I was able to find a job in Middelburg that sells Tommy Hilfiger Jeans. I also bought a foundation from Dior exactly my skin shade. I was so happy I was able to finally buy a foundation exactly my skin tone. I bought the cool foundation at the Ici Paris shop in Breda. The customer service at Ici Pris shop was awesome, the ladies were very nice, wore a nice smile and very professional beauty consultant.

I also went to Antwerpen recently to buy my nice afro hair. I really love my new curly hair. It makes me feel like am a diva. Ladies need to feel happy and look coordinated. A lady with nice hair and make feels more confident more than a woman with old hair, old clothes, and tattered outfits.

I hope this blog post inspired you. Please share with me where you buy your cool dresses. I would love to learn from you


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