5 Top Businesses For Prospective Entrepreneurs

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you are doing well. Are you an entrepreneur? did you recently graduate? finished your nysc? job hunting? have a job already but need some extra income? well, I have good news for you! There are five top jobs/ businesses you can easily start with

  1. Makeup artistry/modeling
  2. photography
  3. Website design/ webshop
  4. network marketing/ consulting
  5. Hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, hair cut and so on

For some of the above-mentioned career, you do need a diploma to start and some you do not need a diploma, I have coached several persons on how to become self-employed or just learned some vital skills they can make use of during leisure time spent with friends and family.

For example, Most photographers are very good with makeup or with consulting and coaching. Some photographers i know organize workshops, and coach several photographers. I have attended several workshops in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany. I once went to Munich, Germany eight years ago, the photographer sponsored my flight from the Netherlands to Germany for the shoot and also paid me for my time for the photography. I flew to Germany after several days he paid for the flight, he paid for the flight ticket couple of days before the actual date of my planned date for the photoshoot with him in Germany. He picked me up from Munich airport to his house, when i arrived at his house, i went to his bathroom and took a really nice shower, I really enjoyed the delicious food his wife prepared for me.

When I got to the home of the photographer in Munich, he was very nice to me, I spent several days at his home with his beautiful wife and kid. I was given a very nice room to lay my head on, the following day, the wife did my makeup, we then went to his photo studio to create some really nice picture. I wore a red dress in one of the photo sessions and also African attire. It was great!

This is a requested blog post. Do you need a professional photographer, or do you need coaching on how to improve your photography skills, catwalk skills, photo-editing, coaching, studio rent,  workshop, and so on? Please contact me, I and my team member can help you out.

You may want to shop for your professional camera and studio lighting with Mediamarkt in The Netherlands or Belgium. I do recommend Canon camera for your photography!






















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