5 Importance Of Blogging in 2020!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing great. I am so happy to share with you reasons  why blogging is very important.  I have been blogging for many years, a very good friend of mine advised me to keep blogging, never give up on blogging, sometimes bloggers tend to face some challenges such as every other person in life. I do encourage every blogger to keep up the great work.

Blogging is an act of promoting goods and services by writing content related to a particular field, it could be beauty, lifestyle, fashion, food, and so on.  I am so happy I have been able to share my content and also promote content for businesses in Europe and Africa. Below are five importance of blogging

  1. Blogging can help your company earn more prospect
  2. Blogging can help you create more awareness
  3. Blogging can help you generate income, for example, some company might pay you to sponsor a post, send you a free gift, or pay you for consultation related to social media advertising or you may want to blog on freelance basis
  4. Blogging can enable you to make new friends, if you do promote your self on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you might be able to make new friends
  5. Blogging can help you improve your writing skills and photography skills. Blogging and photography goes hand in hand, without a good image,  a blogger might not be able to write a nice and interesting story.

Do you have a website, webshop? perhaps you sell cloths, perfume , offer services,and you want to reach more customers, offer customer service and so on, i do recommend you start a blog.

Would you like to start a blog, learn how to start a new business, brainstorm on a business name, advert text to place online, social media marketing,  marketing campaign? Please contact me. I have worked with several small medium sized enterprises in mailing, sending facebook messages, putting up advert online, building website, recruiting international  models, building and promoting webshop, built several blog during my bsc and masters degree studies with my collegues and so on.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


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