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January 2018


My Awesome Edinburgh Experience!!!

 Hello angels, Most of you know by now that I love travelling. I have been to Edinburgh and absolutely love my experience in Scotland. Below are some of my cool experience in Scotland.

  1. I love Scottish food. In Edinburgh Scotland, Morrison, Tesco, Asda are some cool supermarket with great food variety. I truly love shopping at Marks and spencer as well.
  2. The scottish people are very friendly, their culture is a bit similar to dutch culture in regards to business and social life style. Aside from Edinburgh, I had the amazing opportunity to experience Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth.
  3. The streets are so beautiful with awesome shops such as Zara, Primark, De Benehams and so on.
  4. A great way to  start your day at Edinburgh day is by going to the port and visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia, a large liner used by the Royal family for more than 40 years.
  5. There are so many mountains absolutely terrific for mountain bikers.

I hope you are inspired to travel more! Travelling is a great way to discover the world, enjoy new culture and for fun!

Thnk you so much for reading!

I love you


Ekene Patience

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Edinburgh-Bridge-City Edinburgh-Castle-View Edinburgh-View-Sunset


How TO Be More Productive While Working From Home!

Being able to work at home is luxury because you tend to save time, travel expenses and so on but it does requires a lot of discipline and dedication.  During my final year studies, I did a lot my studies at home, My teachers were very flexible , helpful  and understanding. I have learnt that the only way I can be productive by working from home is to cancel all distraction. First I do clean and organise the whole house properly, I turn of the tv and tune to radio with nice soul and jazz music playing on the background with very low volume,

Below are more amazing tips on how to achieve  productive day working from home.
1. Avoid procastination. Create  a to do list for the  day, ensure you prioritise all your activities in  a good order .
2. Make  sure you eat properly. Good food helps to keep you productive and energised. When you are feeling stored after couple of hours working at home, go for a quick run,  jogging or other form of exercise.
3. Make sure you dress up properly just the same way you would dress up if you were going to an office to work .
4. Give yourself a peck / reward when you have completed a task.

5. Meet with your coach, boss regularly in order to evaluate your performance and gain support.
I hope these tips were helpful to help you become more productive while you work from home.

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Thank you so much for reading.

I love you


Ekene Patience

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Winter Lookbook!

Hi beautiful 🙂 I hope everyone had a great new year celebration. I am so excited as always to share with you some winter outfit inspiration i do often wear and feel comfortable with! It is very crucial you keep warm  during winter period to avoid cold! River island, H&M, Mart Vissers , CA,Silver Creek, Tommy Hilfiger has an amazing winter outfits! Adding a scarf , hand gloves would keep you warmer!

I do love to know more about your favourite winter looks!

Thank you so much for stopping by

I love you.


Here I am wearing my favourite coat from Mart Vissers. I bought it in Goes few years ago, when V&D was still on in zee land. I miss v &d shop a lot

PicMonkey Collage

Here am wearing my favourite leather jacket from Silver Creek I bought in Open 32 in Goes, Zeeland.



A pretty skirt from



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A lovely makeup look done by me  ideal for winter period.

Above, a lovely scarf from River Island




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New Year,New Cars!!!

Happy new year my adorable friends! I hope you all had an amazing celebration! I had so much fun with my girlfriend and neighbours yesterday in Zeeland in The Netherlands. There was so much to eat and drink! I was inspired by a friend of mine to write this blog post. He sells amazing luxurious cars. I believe awesome cars in a great way to step up your lifestyle game! I love fast cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamboghini. Aside from my business contact with luxurious cars dealers i have in The Netherlands, A friend of mine sells very cool cars at affordable prices. Brands such as Peugeot,  Mercedes are available. So my dearest friends,  If you need an amazing car, trucks,  please do not hesitate to contact me here

I wish you all the best of 2018! Stay fabulous


Ekene Patience


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