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Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you are doing well. A few days ago, Femme Luxe sent me some very cool outfits from The United kingdom. I really like the outfits.  I received three cool joggers, the grey jogger, the blue jogger and the creamy jogger. I wore the outfit in my home, on the street and also during the photo session of my friend’s home. Femme Luxe has been sending very nice outfits.

These outfits listed below are great for indoors, travelling, spending a great time with family, visiting friends and family. The blue jogger hugs my body well, makes me feel very young, happy and very comfortable. I styled the outfits with nice jewellery.

The second outfit is a grey jogger, I styled it with a very nice leather jacket. I have been wearing that jacket for several years. For example, a few years ago when I went to Scotland for the first time, I wore a very lovely black jacket. I am very happy I bought the jacket then because even after four years, the black jacket fits me well, keeps my body very warm and protects my body from pneumonia that could occur if not properly dressed especially during the winter period. I truelly love my black jacket i bought from The Netherlands.

Wearing very nice jacket is very very important during the winter period. Winter jacket can be bought from Femme Luxe, De Bijenkorf, Open 32 and many other shops in The Netherlands. Please find my youtube video here with more information regarding Femme Luxe outfits.

My girlfriend sells very very pretty jewellery.  For example, in early 2013, when I went to her lovely home, I helped her model some very beautiful jewellery, she sells jewellery worldwide. Her jewellery is very pretty, colourful and easy to maintain.

Thank you so much Femme Luxe for sending me these great outfits! I truly like how beautiful and easy for me to maintain.


Ekene Patience

















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