Femme Luxe TryOn Haul 8th Edition!

Hello, my amazing friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. I am so happy to share with you these lovely outfits sent to me by Femme Luxe. I have been modeling for Femme Luxe for some months now.

Femme Luxe is based in The United kingdom ad ships its merchandise worldwide. I have received very lovely outfits that fit dark skin girls and other women from another ethnicity so well. I have been viewing other ladies on youtube that has reviewed outfits of  Femme Luxe, there has been a lot of great reviews and comments from other content creators as well.

Femme Luxe sent me four pr products for review, the lovely orange dress, the white jumper, the black leather dress, and the green dress. These lovely dresses can be worn for a birthday party, this summer period,  as an evening dress to a diner date, dancing in the bedroom with your lover, or husband or for creating lovely content. I love the color of the orange dress, I like the design, the texture, and how it hugs my body.  The dress really makes me very happy and satisfies my desire in regard to the kind of styles I want in a dress. I like the jumper a lot, It looks a bit like the dress Doja cat is wearing in the music video titled Like that.

The black dress below I bought with my own money, I received a lot of compliments whenever I wear the dresses, the dress looks so cute on me, whenever I wear the dress, I feel like a big megastar like lady gaga. I also bought some lingerie from the femme luxe.  I am very happy with the materials Femme luxe uses to make their outfits and also the colors of their dresses.

The green dress is a cool color, looks like a dress designed for a perfect housewife, a wife that makes food for her husband, dresses her kids to school, makes sure the house is clean and tidy, and so on.  The black leather dress is super cute and pretty, exceeded my expectation, the quality is so nice, lovely on me, comfy, and hugs my body firmly. The total price of the entire outfit is less than one hundred euros.

Are you considering changing your wardrobe, your mum’s, sister’s, wife or would you like to start a fashion business? Please contact me for coaching on how to buy and sell lovely dresses from  Femme Luxe.

Thank you so much Femme Luxe for sending these lovely outfits.  I am a fashion, beauty, business, and it consultant. Please contact me if you would like to work with me.


Ekene Patience

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