My July 2020 Current Favourite Items!

Hello my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! July 2020 is an awesome period of the year, many of you guys enjoy going on vacation this time of the year to visit, friends, family and more. I enjoy traveling very much. For instance, last year, I flew three times last year to Nigeria, each time I went, I traveled with my favorite beauty items and some money to prevent unforeseen circumstances so that my holidays would be very exciting and comfortable. For example, whenever I visit Nigeria, I travel with my Rituals body wash,  my biotherm body cream, my OPI nail polish, my toothbrush, hair relaxer, and so on because these items are not easy to find in the Nigeria market and my mummy and relatives like to use these products too. Below are some cool products I like to travel with;

  1. Hugo boss perfume
  2. Dresses
  3. Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger
  4. Nice skin products from Rituals
  5. Some hair care products from Etos/Kruidvat such as hair serum, shampoo, etc
  6. Travel\flight  tickets
  7. Traveling bag and box

My advice to my awesome travelers out there, make sure you have enough money on you when you are traveling, in order to avoid being stranded. Visit nice places. A few years ago, I received a special present during my birthday, I went to Paris with my family,  i also received some gift as a present, enjoyed ourselves in a great hotel room and so on. In the year,2012, then I was living in Dordrecht, I also went to Paris by car as a birthday present, received some money as a gift, and stayed in a very nice hotel room in Paris. I combined it with a great photoshoot then.

I have also been to Greece and Mallorca, got some cool presents during my trips to these awesome countries.  I have been to Modena, Belgium, Witten, Munchen, I once received a to and fro flight ticket paid by a photographer to come and shoot in Munchen, which was early 2012, I flew to Munchen, then I was living in Dordrecht then. In the year 2013,  I made a trip to Witten,  about then photographers shot me in a very nice studio. Each photographer shot me at least for one hour rotationally. I had so much fun.

Traveling is very important to all, young or an adult,  for example in November 2018, after staying in Paris for a while.  I had to fly to Nigeria with a friend of mine due to an emergency, we stayed at City lodge hotel lekki, Lagos, Nigeria before  (prior) to then, I have flown to Nigeria from Holland with other persons I knew before from The Netherlands to Lagos Nigeria and I have stayed during both occasion in City Lodge Hotel Lekki Nigeria. I always had so much fun whenever I go to Nigeria.

Travelling has helped me experience a new culture, learn a new language, eat tasty food, good for the soul.

Healthcare advice, whenever you travel, always drink bottled water, make sure the water you drink and food you eat is well prepared and well preserved, avoid ingesting bacteria-contaminated food, sleep well and have fun.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


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