Top Artist I Admire So Much!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! I hope you all are doing great! Below is a list of musicians admire so much. I enjoy listening to their music every day. I have been listening to these artists for many years, their lifestyle is so fabulous, touring, spending quality time in great luxurious hotels worldwide, etc. I am so happy with their song. Music is very good for your body and soul, good music can help you relax, do avoid depressing, sad music because it can affect your state of mind.

I enjoy singing very much, I can sing the songs of all these musicians mentioned below off heart, whenever I sing, I get a lot of compliments, I have been told so many times to become a musician but I have not started my career in music because I do not have a nice guitar, piano, very fabulous outfit won by these awesome musicians mentioned below, etc. A few years ago, I saw Lenny Gravitz life at Heineken music hall Amsterdam, it was amazing. I also saw Mary J. Blige Nigeria performing life in Nigeria.

You can shop the cd’s of this awesome music on, cex and at mediamarkt.

These artists are amazing and I highly recommend their music. My dearest friends, who are your favorite artist? I would love to learn from you


Ekene Patience


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