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Hi angels, How are you today? Here are some tips on how you can get by this cold winter period!
Give Yourself a Fabulous Glow– Too much powder your your face often look too cake-y, try to use show shimmering highlighter on your face this winter season. Loreal, bodyshop and Mac often has great shimmer for faces.
Humidify Your Apartment – Eliminate the dryness in the air of your home by boiling water on the stove. The steam that rises will act as a humidify and create more moisture throughout the house. If you add a few cinnamon sticks,lemon or citrus rinds to the water, it will infuse the air with a sweet aroma.

Make your hair look less frizzy – If your hair suffers from being too dry or gets wet and then frizzy, use a dryer sheet to smooth it down and get rid of that annoying winter static cling.

Smooth Your Sweaters – If your sweaters begin to get those fuzzy little balls from wear and washing and you don’t have a lint shaver, no worries. Grab a razor, because you know you’re not using it as often on your legs this winter, and run it over the pilled fabric. You can use bic shaving stick swell. I usually buy mine from Etos or Kruidvat in The Netherlands.

DIY a Lip Scrub – Create your own scrub. Sometimes I use honey, in combination of sugar and lemon on my face as a scrub! This works like magic in removing dark spots. I also use raw eggs and spread it across my face, it feels and has the same effect like masker.
Keep Reusable Warmers on Hand – Twinges of cold feet and hands can strike any moment in the winter. Keep a few reusable warmers (you just boil them before your next use) in your purse and activate them whenever you need a little heat. You can hold them or put a few in bed to cozy up your sheets. They’re also great to have accessible if you suffer from cramps or experience back aches.  You can also use balm as a massage cream on problem areas.

Light Your Fireplace – Just one more reason to keep the peels of your oranges!. Dry the peels and use them as a fire starter. They’ll help get your place warm and freshen up the air. If you have a nice cosy fire place at home, enjoy your luxury because it helps you perfectly get through the winter!

Waterproof Your Shoes – Apply beeswax all over canvas shoes and then blow-dry to create a barrier that will keep your shoes and toes dry when it rains and snows. You can also wear stockings to avoid smelly feet and eelt.

Alleviate Cold/Flu Symptoms with Natural Oils – Create a steam shower with essential oils on a wash cloth to help a cough or congestion. Or try one of these 26 amazing home remedies to get you back to feeling 100 percent.

Get Rid of Static Cling – That pesky cold outside means the heat is on inside. That means static cling in your favorite dresses and sweaters is in full effect as well. I hope this tip inspires you!

I love you so much!


Ekene Patience

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